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Goodbye! Why did replica bags design such a happy bag?

On June 5, 2018 (US time), famous accessory designer replica bags was found dead at home. The police found a note on the spot, but did not publish the content. The investigation is still in progress, but the initial inference was made. The designer has won the CFDA’s Best Accessories Designer Award, and Anna Wintour once commented: “Kate has changed the inherent concept of people’s handbags. She built her own unique aesthetic. In New York in the 90s, you Walking in any block, you can find a woman with a replica bags bag.”

After the announcement of the death of replica bags, many people mourned, Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton wrote: “My first replica bags bag was bought by my grandmother when I was in college. I still keep it. Embrace Kate’s family and friends in his heart.”

Ivanka Trump wrote: “The death of replica bags has painfully reminded us that it is difficult to really find out how much pain and burden a person has on himself. Those who are struggling with depression or have suicidal intentions should not be afraid to find help. .”

Speaking of replica bags, everyone will think of the colorful and interesting bags for the first time. It will make people who see it smile and can’t help but smile. It is hard to imagine that designers of this design style will choose to leave the world.

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replica bags

replica bags is not the designer’s real name. Her original name is Katherine Noel Brosnahan. She was born in Kansas City, USA. She studied journalism at Arizona State University. After graduation, she worked as an editorial assistant at Mademoiselle magazine in New York. She was responsible for the accessories. She began to have her own ideas about accessories, and one day she and the editor said that she wanted to try to design the bag, because she felt that the existing bags were not conspicuous and not style enough.

In 1993, she founded her own brand. Spade came from the surname of her then boyfriend and partner Andy Spade. Now he is also the husband of Kate. She has achieved her goal. Her bags are fun, practical and affordable. Unique style, she is also the first designer to sew the trademark outside the bag, and soon won the pursuit of everyone, because the bag carrying her design makes women feel very happy.

replica bags has grown very fast, from bags to apparel and lifestyle products, and opened an independent store in Soho with sales of $28 million. Soon, New York’s old department store Neiman Marcus saw its potential. In 2005, it acquired 56% of the shares, then acquired the remaining 44% in 2006, and then sold it to Fifth & Pacific for $124 million. In 2016, Coach Group acquired the brand for $2.4 billion. .

Kate set up a new brand in 2016 – Frances Valentine, France is the name of her daughter, and Valentine is the name of many of her family’s elders, starting with her grandfather, because he was born on Valentine’s Day. The brand follows Kate’s previous design style, focusing on bags, shoes and accessories. It is as bright and interesting as ever, and the price is very close to the people.

replica bags New York’s brand spokesperson said in a loss: “Kate has nothing to do with the brand 10 years ago, but she and her husband Andy are still our beloved brand creators, we will always miss her, and To grieve to her family.”