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replica handbags  Walk into the British V&A Museum and discover the inspiration of the V&A Museum’s jewelry collection.

As the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, the British V&A Museum has a collection of art that spans 5,000 years. The design of the replica handbags   the exclusive collection of the V&A Museum Jewelry Collection, which was exclusively presented by Vipshop, is inspired by the non-public display of the museum. On July 11th, Ms. Mimi Lu, Global Purchasing Manager of Vipshop, Ms. Cecilia Yim, Marketing Director of Chow Sang Sang Group, and Lauren Sizeland, Director of Business Development and Licensing of V&A Museum, appeared at the V&A Museum in the UK and attended the new product launch of the V&A Museum Jewelry Collection. At the same time, for the Vipshop users reveal the secret of the end of the secret road that the V&A Museum is not open to the public.

It’s not just the exclusive launch of the replica handbags . The world premiere of the Chow Sang Sang V&A Museum’s Quest Documentary, which was jointly developed with Chow Sang Sang and the V&A Museum, is also a big benefit of the VIP Big Day. In the documentary, Vipshop will be able to open a love-seeking trip to the V&A Museum in the UK, visit the end of the secret passage, learn about the royal love story, and start a new product at the end of the film in the UK, and get the first privilege of Vipshop fans. .

Exclusive new products and great value. This Tanabata sweet show has magic weapon.

replica handbags
replica handbags

On the VIP big day, replica handbags will not only be exclusive to the new fashion elements, but also meet the young people’s tastes of the V&A Museum jewellery collection, and simultaneously launch the series of love secrets, charme XL, cultural blessings, etc. Yellow platinum pendants, hot bracelet bracelets, transfer beads and many other hot items, and for users of different ages, genders and different purchase needs, launch the annual hot TOP list, love warming up, fashion bloggers with the same paragraph get One open multiple channels, such as cool handsome, to enable users to find the right shopping experience more conveniently and quickly according to their own purchasing needs.

More than just a selection of good things, multiple offers are also delivered simultaneously. The audience will be discounted by 8.5 fold, 10 yuan without threshold, 990 yuan minus 50 yuan, full 1990 minus 150 yuan, 2990 yuan minus 300 yuan, 3990 yuan minus 400 yuan, 4990 yuan minus 500 yuan and 6 models as low as A 50% discount on the whole point of the single item, such as a wave of surprise discounts, continues to help users get a more relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience, and help the user to show their love for Tanabata.

“Inheriting quality life and enhancing happiness experience” is the mission that Vipshop has always upheld. Through the replica handbags , more than 20,000 well-known brands have settled in Vipshop, and Vipshop will join hands with more and more famous brands at home and abroad to hold a fashion and beautiful journey, bringing users a quality life and happiness experience. On August 2nd, Chow Sang Sang VIP Big Day, on this Tanabata, will bring you a pleasant and sweet “pure” love new way.

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